Megan Blum

Megan Leibold


Flux Real Estate

1455 NW Leary Way, Suite 400 Seattle, WA 98107

A former business owner and teacher, Megan strives to incorporate education into everything she does. Real estate has been the perfect outlet to lay the foundation of her business management skills, and to be able to educate all people from all walks of life on the process of being a Buyer and a Seller in the Pacific Northwest Real Estate Market.   
Born in Kitsap County, Megan was raised in the small town of Poulsbo, giving her the skills to make anyone in her life feel like they are living the small town life. She received her Bachelor's Degree in Vocal Performance from Pacific Lutheran University, specializing in Opera, and immediately opened up her own business teaching music lessons to nearly 40 students in the Greater West Sound. After nearly 3 years in the business, Megan was called to run another business, but this time, in real estate.    
Megan first began her real estate career in the Kitsap/Pierce County areas and since starting with FLUX Real Estate over 2 years ago, she has developed a specialty with Buyers and Sellers in areas ranging from Kitsap all the way to Snohomish County. She prides herself on her constant need and desire to continue learning to really master her craft. She lives by the philosophy that once you stop learning, you stop trying.    
Recently married, Megan resides in the up and coming city of Burien with her husband, Kevin, and their cat, Basil. They are also expecting their first child, arriving in February, 2020. Megan spends her free time continuing to do music with companies like the Pacific Northwest Ballet, Pacific Lutheran University, and 5th Avenue Theatre. She also volunteers with a program that focuses on mentoring teen women and giving them the skills to dominate the business world.