Worrying about what home to purchase? Home buyers are torn among many choices when it comes to what type of home to purchase. Some prefer big houses and some go for apartments. Technically speaking, if you weigh things properly, you would definitely see that all choices are advantageous in some point or another. It makes it more difficult to decide. Kirkland Wa Homes For Sale will make it easy for you.

This three-part series would analysis and recommendations for you to identify what type of house fits you. Not only basis on what you feel, but with concrete reasons that would give you better benefits.

First Stop: Detached Homes

It is defined as any home that does not share any inside walls with other homes. Its external walls are also not attached to any homes. This excludes linked houses, apartments, condominiums, and duplexes. It usually has a larger lot than the house structure itself. Available spaces are used as garden or garage. It can also be utilized as parking area or for some, it is used as pet place.

Having a detached home can have great advantages.

  • Renovations and changes in the house structure are easily done whenever you like. You do not need to worry about consulting your neighbors about it. The sole discretion of it belongs to you.
  • Having your own space gives you more litheness in terms of utilization of the place. You can hold parties and events as huge as what you home can accommodate.
  • Privacy is provided when you live meters away from your closest neighbor. Even if you want to shout or party like a rock star, you do not need to worry about your neighbors.
  • Its market value increase greater than any other typo of home. Because of its flexibility, prices usually go up in time. Good investment if you are planning to sell the place in the future.
  • Pets can be part of the family. You can bring home whatever pet you want and there would be no problem as long as it stays within the boundaries of your home.

On the other hand, some disadvantages can also include the purchase.

  • The price of detached houses is far more expensive due to the fact that it is bigger than other types of homes. Taxes and mortgages are usually greater than a typical apartment.
  • Maintenance is your sole responsibility. Fixing the drainage or water system would cost you thousands of dollars. There would be no one to share the load with you.
  • If you are traveling often and your house is left behind, security is at risk. Unlike apartments or condominiums wherein multiple families are staying in one building or nearby, nobody will look after your home unless you hire someone to monitor it regularly.


If you are living with a family and relatives, a detached home is a good investment. You have the choice to maneuver according to what you want. When your family becomes bigger, you can make minor renovations to accommodate the growing number of dwellers. It is also recommended for people who love independence and privacy.

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