Described as the moving in motion residential place, mobile homes are also popular among Americans nowadays. Literally, it is very affordable. It is sometimes ten times more affordable than most single family detached homes.

Mobile homes are also called truck houses, manufactured homes, and prefabricated houses. This third type of homes is considered as the most flexible among the three in terms of space and location. Today, majority of the mobile homes are made from materials similar to those used for regular detached homes. The qualities of mobile homes are upgraded after the Hurricane Andrew in 1992. It is important for home buyers to inspect the quality and the strength of the mobile home to be purchased.

You may be wondering if such homes have addresses. Technically, they do. Parking areas are situated in each state. Some of the trends now is that the land where the mobile car parks are also owned by mobile home owner or the land is leased.

There are two major advantages of getting mobile homes.

  • From its name, it is very mobile. Transferring from one place to another is not a problem. Usually carried by trailer trucks, it is moved very comfortably.
  • Prices are very affordable. Usually ranges only form four to five digits only. Many starting families can truly afford it.

Disadvantages outnumbered the advantages.

  • There are only limited banks that offer loans for mobile home purchase. Because there is no land, monitoring can be very difficult.
  • Though sizes vary, it is relatively small for a growing family. Limitations such as renovations and extensions cannot be made.
  • Unstable home structure is one of the major disadvantages. Heavy weathers can cause severe damage to mobile homes and can be destroyed in an instant.
  • Limitations and restrictions are implemented for zoning of mobile homes. Not all places, mobile homes can park.


If you have enough savings to invest for a single family detached home or an apartment, it is not advisable to purchase mobile homes. With too many unstable factors such as structure restrictions, investments may be placed into unwanted situation.