Talking about homes, we also associate it with something separate or detached. It is because it is the most common type of housing, but there are few other types of dwelling available to choose from. In an urban area, apartment is also a relatively popular choice. Same as other selections, it has its distinct advantages and disadvantages.

Generally, an apartment is a dwelling place where It is considered as an attached dwelling, having walls as boundaries of separate units. This means that homes are only separated by walls and not spaces. In an apartment building, there are several homes. It is relatively small than the usual detached homes.

There are advantages of having an apartment as your home.

  • It is low maintenance. Having small space means that you do not need to worry about cleaning up your garden or garage. This saves you time and effort.
  • Security is a big plus. It is available in reputable apartments. In some, security personnel are present 24 hours, while others have security alarms or gadgets such as validation of door locks and smartcards.
  • Facilities can be available for common use such as parking spaces, laundry area, and in more affluent places, pools and gyms are available.
  • Amenities such as cable and telephone lines are available upon subscription.
  • It offers closer proximity to jobs and schools. Multi-unit buildings are usually situated near public transportation.

On its trade-off, some disadvantages are also prominent on apartment buildings.

  • You have lower chances of getting extensions. Unlike with detached homes, extending your floor area is almost impossible.
  • Renovations are not that easy to get. Approval from the building manager or with your co-apartment owners is required.
  • Monthly contribution is another financial burden. As co-dwellers of the building, all owners share the cost of maintenance of all the facilities and amenities they have in the building.
  • Privacy is limited. With only walls separates homes, your neighbors would definitely know what is happening on your house, except if walls are sound-proof.
  • It is more expensive. Its price is almost the same with detached homes, but has smaller space.


If you are not that particular with privacy and you want to have better accessibility to your work or school, apartment is a great option. It provides home environment with great add-ons. But if you are living with a big family, a detached home is a better choice for you.

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