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Feb. 5, 2011

Reall Estate Tip #1: Weighing Variables

All home buyers want to have the best out of their money. This is not easy to achieve especially if the home buyer is inexperienced on home purchase. Some may appear so advantageous but in reality, it is not. This is a typical situation on house buying.

To get the best in the market, it is vital to know the essential factors that a home buyer should consider. These factors are important walls of a successful bid for your new home. Weighing these variable can spell the difference.

• Price - This is one of the most prominent elements. If you are opt to buy a home within a specific community, it is advisable to take a look of the common price range of the similar homes within the area. When the price is well inside the range, the amount is acceptable. It is also good to check the tax history of the home to ensure that it is updated to prevent from paying it on your own.

• Condition - Checking the total appearance and condition of the house is vital in consideration of its price. You can really determine if it is a good purchase when the house is in good condition and its price is acceptable. Most of home buyers skip the checking part. In majority of the cases, buyers only check the outer appearance of the house. This is not good because there are homes that look good, but the condition is in bad shape.

• Mortgage Plan - if you do not have the full amount in your pocket, most probably you would be entering a mortgage agreement with your bank or a lending institution. It is crucial to look into all specific details to ensure that you understand all its restrictions and provisions that come with it. Make sure that you know how much you need to pay your lender every month. Be sure that you are capable of producing the amount to prevent foreclosure. You can also seek some help to avail zero down payments. Some lending institution can assist you with such loan.

Always remember that purchasing a home can be easy if you know what to consider and what not to consider. It is best to get real estate representative to work with you. A great agent can give you advices that can help you with the entire process of home purchase.

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Jan. 24, 2011

Perfect Investment for 2011

Dealing with the recent economic regression, most Americans are now facing financial problems and difficulties. Despite that, there are many opportunities for you to utilize. Real estate is one of them. It does not only include huge buildings. The most basic real estate investment is a home.  It is too common that there are thousands of homes sold each single year all through America.

There are two ways how to use homes as an investment where you can earn profit. First is subsidizing your rent. When you purchase a home, your budget can be narrowed down to other basic commodities. You do not need to allocate a budget to pay your monthly rent. This is if you are already fully paid on your home, but if not, monthly mortgage is needed. Even so, with the end in mind, you can be assure that what you are paying will soon be your unlike renting a place that no matter how long you are paying for it, it will not be yours. This kind of investment brings profit to your pocket through savings and efficiently utilizing your money.

Second is through leasing it to renters. This is more profitable in the sense that you will definitely receive payments. Aside from the house where you live, another place would give you income on a monthly basis. Rent varies depending on different factors, but no matter what, it can still produce some funds to your home. What makes it a good investment? It is simply because it does not depend on other factors such as petroleum prices which usually changes fast. So even if prices are on its highs or lows, you are not affected that much. Residential homes can also be turned to commercial place and the rent is certainly higher. Before doing such, check the provisions of laws on your local community. Implemented laws differ from state to state, so be sure you have necessary permits to do such change.

Investments on real estate can be one of the smartest things you can have. Its value rarely depreciates through time. Unlike most consumable items, as long as the building structure is standing strong and is in good condition, your investment is safe and secured.

Kirkland Homes For Sale is a team of experts on real estate investments. We are very willing to take part of your home purchase experience. You can place your confidence on us because we deliver.

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Jan. 22, 2011

Size does matter

Many would say that size is one factor to consider in almost everything. As they say, any single thing that is too little or too big will never be right. That is true also in real estate. When buying a new home, the land area or the total space of the lot is very important. This is the foundation of the entire house structure. Many other elements depend on it.

Size affects the design

An interior designer or architect cannot start doing the design unless the size is given. He cannot visualize the entire structure and the placement of its parts without considering a given size. It would be useless for an architect to draw samples of designs for a mansion, but then the buyer only live on a limited space. It is same vice versa.  Building a home with a sizable space can provide ample flexibility on its structure.

Limitations are drawn by its size

Aside from the design itself, any renovation or extension can only be made if its size is also flexible. If the house is already structured, home builders cannot do anything about it but to adhere to its design. One common stumble block is having a limited space. This is very important especially when the family starts to grow in size. Additional rooms and storage are necessary to accommodate the need of each family member.

Size provides convenience

Privacy is very important to every single person. In a family home, this can be achieved if every member has its own space wherein he can work his way for himself. This may not matter when the children are still on their school age or on their teens, but when they enter college and late adolescence, they tend to look for some space on their own. This is normal and this should also be considered.

Many might opt to take smaller homes because of limited budget thinking that it would be a better option, but in the long run, this can give some struggles to the family. One thing is for sure. Your house is not only an investment, but a home where you and your family dwell. Getting right with it is what you need to do. Kirkland WA Homes For Sale has experienced and skilled advisers to assist you on deciding which home to purchase because for us, your convenience is our home.

Jan. 20, 2011

Real Estate: A Stable Ground

One way to establish financial security is getting your home in your pocket. If you are closely looking on your finances, you would definitely notice that majority of your salary or income goes to your home rent. This is very true to most American families who are renting. If you have such expenses, it is very difficult to save and to spend freely the way you want it. On some instances, debt becomes the only option to sustain an acceptable shelter.

As we are advising in Kirkland WA Homes For Sale, renting can only be on your advantage if you are just staying for a brief time on a specific location. But if you are opting to stay for a long time, it is really against you. Investing your money where you can get more benefits should be the one on your mind. One of which is getting a new home. This can make you more stable on your finances, knowing that your money is still yours in the structure of a residential house.

Today, investing on real estate is one of the best things you can do for your future. Real estate is one industry that rarely depreciates through time. In comparison with other industries that experience economic highs and lows, it is very stable and steady. Prices of houses are usually in an upscale road. The value of a single home can go up in a year or two that is why it is important to get it as soon as possible.

A good investment can be weighed on two areas. First is the ability of your investment to last for a long time. This has been proven through time that real estate investments sustain profit and leverage over the years. Second is the viability of it on the market. This would take into play when you decide to sell the property of yours. A home is one of the most basic commodities of any human being. With it, you know that it is saleable.

Investments can speak for your future. It brings not only stability but also pride of your living. You work hard and you deserve something on the return. You are not only the one who will benefit from it, but the generations that would come after you.

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Jan. 18, 2011

Saving For Your Home

Coming up with the needed money for house purchase down payment can be very difficult. You need to make drastic ways to save money. This is one of the most common dilemmas of home buyers. The will is there but the way may not be. Though there are zero down payment options, you cannot depend on it. Here are simple tips for you to raise the required amount for your dream house.

1. Make a list when doing your grocery. This will prevent you from getting stuff that you do not need. Be specific on the things you need to buy and stick with it. Make concrete calculations on the amount of food you can consume in a period of time.
Monthly Savings: $200

2. Avoid swiping your credit cards. When shopping malls have their sale, stay at home if there is no necessity for you to buy something. Usual purchase of clothes and gadgets should be trimmed down.
Monthly Savings: $200

3. Lessen your night outs. It is not bad to celebrate or have fun but limit it. If you usually go out every weekend, make it twice a month. Two night outs can save you relatively huge amount.
Monthly Savings: $150

4. Plan a daily car pool or service with your friends and family. Using a single car means you only spend one time on gasoline consumption. You may think it is just a small amount, but if you are saving around $5 to $8 a day that would count heavily on your budget.
Monthly Savings: $120

5. Conserve electricity. This is one of the most popular recommendations. Prevent from using any thermal appliances regularly if not necessary because they consume more electricity. These include flat iron and heaters.
Monthly Savings: $50

6. If you are renting a place with multiple rooms, find tenants to occupy to a room or two. Aside from helping you raise money for your monthly rent, it also gives you opportunity to save. Another option is to transfer to a smaller place with more affordable fee. This small sacrifice will end when you transfer to your new home.
Monthly Savings: $300

With these 6 tips, you can save as much as $1,020 a month. That would be a huge amount already. In a year, you can save more than $12,240. This will lessen the total amount you need to raise up. Simple actions can mean big time if you count it one by one. Make necessary adjustments. In the end, you are doing it for your own home.

Kirkland WA Homes For Sale is available for any financial consultations. We are happy on helping you have your own home.

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Jan. 17, 2011

Open Space Option: Garage or Garden?

Having a new detached home with additional space would be great to make the area for a specific purpose. This can be either a garage or a garden. These two options can be very useful. Both can serve as places for activities and storage.

Detached homes usually have yards wherein gardens can be made. Gardens are good especially if you have children. This will give your home a pleasant environment. Generally, gardens are high in maintenance. You need to look at it and monitor every single day. Regular watering of plants and cultivation of soil can be difficult if you are working everyday. This can also add up to your budget because of necessary things to buy for the plants such as fertilizers and pots.

Despite its somehow very demanding tasks ahead of you, gardens produces relaxing feeling. As they say, it is a stress reduction element in any homes. With the busy schedule and workload, this can be the answer for your stress. It can be an outlet of expression especially for wives. Children can also have fun staying in the garden. If you have pets, this can also be their haven. Dogs and cats love to stay on smooth grasses.

On the other hand, additional space can also be converted to garage. What is the difference? In a garage, you would not see any plants and flowers. If you do not have time or you do not like to have too many responsibilities, this is right for you. it is very low in maintenance. All you need to do is purchase equipments where you can place your things. This can be the place you can organize your stuff. Usually, cars are parked here and same goes with all its mechanics.

Garage can also be an extra place for meet ups. Your family rock star can also start practicing on your garage. Typically spacious, you can also make it as an additional room in the future with only few renovations and changes.

Both are beneficial. It boils down to your personality. On the process of deciding, consider also every member of the family because every individual has differences. Be sure to make all things work for you and your family. May it be a garage or garden, what matters is a happy family living together.

Jan. 15, 2011

Home Leverage

If you are planning to sell your home, aside from following the guidelines of home selling, the tag price of your house would matter on the chances it has on the market. After having your home evaluated by legitimate assessors, it is time to place it on the market. Aside from its style and structure, the value of your home is usually determined by its condition.

If you are eyeing for a better income, you need to make some effort. Improving the condition of your house would definitely help. Adding some features may increase its value. This can be done before the evaluation so that your home can get higher value. Here are some of the practical improvements you can do to your house.

  1. Repainting the walls – Through time, paints on the wall can be tarnished and even partly removed. Get it a new look can give better look. When you repaint it, ensure that the color combination would be appropriate. Try to be on the common ground to avoid biases. Anyway, the new owner can change it whenever he wants to.
  2. Changing the main door – If the door is quite old, it is advisable to change it with a new one. Because it is the first thing home buyer would see, it is important to give good impression on them. Go for strong and hard materials. This is the first line of security of your home.
  3. Cementing holes and uneven walls – Making it smooth is one way to attract buyers. Seeing that the walls are taken care of and that there are no unnecessary holes on it may provide good feedback from buyers.
  4. Improve water system – Check the pipes and drainage to ensure that everything works properly. If you can change faucets and showers, do it. You can also include the tiles on the floor and walls. Some white marks are usually left when water dried up.
  5. Customize your garden – Do some tailoring on your garden. Try to style it. Adding beautiful plants can be a good idea. Pieces of furniture can also provide good resting and leisure place for the new home buyers.

These small things are often forgotten by home sellers. With these suggestions, you can improve the value of your home. Doing such improvements also provides better home for the next owner of your house.

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Jan. 12, 2011

Guidelines on Selling Homes

Selling your home is an event to prepare for. It is very essential to do the necessary actions to ensure smooth flowing transition of property rights. It is not as easy as selling your old laptops to purchase a new one. It is more complicated and detailed, but if you follow these guidelines, there would be no problem. Your home will be sold in no time.

  1. Have your property valued by an assessor. You do not just put some price tag on your home. You may not be very accurate on your price. Estimations can be made, but the selling price should be verified by a credible assessor. Most buyers would definitely check if your price is enough or overpriced. Also, by mere estimation, you might devalue your home. You might get less than what you deserve.
  2. Choose a right agent. Aside from the usual responsibilities of agents, they are also the ones spreading the news about your home. Home buyers usually contact agents for fillers. It is advisable to choose someone who does not have too many homes to sell. The more homes, the lesser your chance to seal a deal. It is also good to choose an agent within the community where your home is situated. This can make your bid more local.
  3. Enlist your property to online real estate selling sites. There are some sites, like Kirkland WA Homes For Sale, that accepts enlisting. You can get more leverage when your home is seen online. Choose around two to three sites only. Do not overexpose your home because it may hurt your chances in the long run.
  4. Market your property on different platforms. You can also make use of print ads and other media platforms such as television and radio. This can be very costly, but can give your home more exposure. Make your spending very minimal. You might see yourself on the losing end.
  5. Make price adjustments if necessary. If the home is still not yet sold for quite some time, maybe your price is too expensive and not viable for regular home purchase. Study the price range of houses within your community. If the price is well-above the range, try to adjust and lower down your asking price. With this, more people can be interested on your house especially if it is within their budget.
  6. Consider entering on a renting agreement. If worse comes to worst, the house is not sold, opening for renting options can be the best thing you have. If you are still paying for its monthly mortgage, this can help you solve your problem. Letting it on the sidelines and not gaining profit from it is not a good deal. If nobody wants to buy it, it is better to have a regular income from it.

Considering these guidelines can make your home selling more fruitful and exciting. It may be a tall order to do, but at the end of the day, it is worth every effort.

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Jan. 11, 2011

Mortgage Loans: Fixed or adjustable?

Many people might be thinking on getting loans when purchasing a home. This is very helpful to defray initial money shell-out. In most cases, banks and other lending entities are the ones giving and setting parameters. It is the borrower’s responsibility to adhere and follow all the terms under the contract. This can be very tricky especially if the home buyer does not have deep knowledge about mortgage loans. Aside from the option of having zero down payments, a home buyer needs to know what type of mortgage plan he intends to have.

When we are talking about mode of payments, there are two common options that a home buyer can choose from. The first one is fixed-rate mortgage. Under this mortgage plan, a borrower needs to pay off monthly mortgage in a uniform rate. Which means that if the home buyer and the lender agree on a certain monthly rate, this rate remains until the contract is done. So if the mortgage is around $2,000 a month, no matter what happened on the economy, the rate stays. This sticks even if the term is for 30 years.

The second is the adjustable-rate mortgage. The rate can go up and down depending on the predetermined basis. This can be beneficial to home buyers if the situation is getting better. This type of mortgage plan can bring down monthly rates. Also, when interest rates on banks go down, the interest rates on mortgage also go down. A home buyer can save a lot from this if situation permits. On the other hand, if the opposite of the first happens, the interest rates can rise up to the heavens. This can be very critical. It can lead to many possible outcomes including foreclosure and other financial problems.

On different point of views, the two options can be weighed properly by the home buyer to determine what type of mortgage plan fits him. Do not only look on the present time, but look ahead for a long term process. It is also good to consider factors such as your paying capacity and savings.

For more detailed information, you may contact us anytime. Kirkland WA Homes For Sale is experienced on matters concerning mortgages.

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Jan. 10, 2011

Foreclosure: Final Option

With the massive effect of recent economic recession, it has been very difficult for most middle class American citizens to deal with their monthly mortgages. This becomes the real situation in real estate industry in the recent months. Unemployment rate has surged to its highest and most employees that had been laid off have left with limited option on their pocket.

Foreclosure is an action taken by the lender or a bank to repossess the property loaned. This happens when failures of payments are made consecutively. After 4-6 months with no payment registry to the bank, a pre-foreclosure notice is sent to the borrower. The terms and options are written on the letter. This is very important for the borrower to think about. Options can be weighed after knowing bank’s requirements. In usual setting, a payment is asked to cover all the unpaid mortgages. If payment is made, everything would be settled. If not, there are other options to prevent foreclosure.

If the two are not feasible, you come to the final option. This is not good, but it is the best you can have especially if you cannot work on your payments. That option would be selling it prior to the foreclosure. This can be tricky so you better be sure what you do. Selling it is like losing it, but you would not go empty handed. First, know your account history. Studying it may give you better view of the situation. It is usually included on the demand letter or pre-foreclosure letter from the bank. But if not, this can be requested from them.

Second, coordinate with your bank. Ignoring it may cost you lose your property. Typically, entering in a deed in lieu of foreclosure is your last option. This can happen very fast so the borrower should be ready to evacuate anytime. Once the process is started, consulting to experts on step by step process is highly advised. This is something you want to talk with your agents as your last option. This may be painful, but legally it is your final step.

Kirkland WA Homes For Sale is available for consultation. You may reach us through our contact details or send us an email via this site. We are here to help you with your real estate concerns.