Coming up with the needed money for house purchase down payment can be very difficult. You need to make drastic ways to save money. This is one of the most common dilemmas of home buyers. The will is there but the way may not be. Though there are zero down payment options, you cannot depend on it. Here are simple tips for you to raise the required amount for your dream house.

1. Make a list when doing your grocery. This will prevent you from getting stuff that you do not need. Be specific on the things you need to buy and stick with it. Make concrete calculations on the amount of food you can consume in a period of time.
Monthly Savings: $200

2. Avoid swiping your credit cards. When shopping malls have their sale, stay at home if there is no necessity for you to buy something. Usual purchase of clothes and gadgets should be trimmed down.
Monthly Savings: $200

3. Lessen your night outs. It is not bad to celebrate or have fun but limit it. If you usually go out every weekend, make it twice a month. Two night outs can save you relatively huge amount.
Monthly Savings: $150

4. Plan a daily car pool or service with your friends and family. Using a single car means you only spend one time on gasoline consumption. You may think it is just a small amount, but if you are saving around $5 to $8 a day that would count heavily on your budget.
Monthly Savings: $120

5. Conserve electricity. This is one of the most popular recommendations. Prevent from using any thermal appliances regularly if not necessary because they consume more electricity. These include flat iron and heaters.
Monthly Savings: $50

6. If you are renting a place with multiple rooms, find tenants to occupy to a room or two. Aside from helping you raise money for your monthly rent, it also gives you opportunity to save. Another option is to transfer to a smaller place with more affordable fee. This small sacrifice will end when you transfer to your new home.
Monthly Savings: $300

With these 6 tips, you can save as much as $1,020 a month. That would be a huge amount already. In a year, you can save more than $12,240. This will lessen the total amount you need to raise up. Simple actions can mean big time if you count it one by one. Make necessary adjustments. In the end, you are doing it for your own home.

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